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What is SAM?

SAM is a campus information platform. It is currently hosted at

SAM is mainly composed of the following 3 sections:


The clubs section is an indexing and search engine for all the school clubs.

Functions still under development:

  • Article / announcement posting
  • Club member system
  • Issue assignments and track members' progress

Classroom reservation

This part is for reserving classrooms for club activities, and only the club leaders have the right of access. This function was developed upon request of the club department of the student union in September 2018, and opened in mid September 2018, but is currently closed.


As a multi-functional form submission system, the voting system can be used for multiple purposes.

The "WFLA Cup" debate tournament registered the audience through this voting system, and counted the number of entries.

debate voting

In addition, the student union and CAS group also used the voting system to vote for five-star clubs, new clubs and bottom-out defense.

Organization Defense Voting