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Who are we?

We are a refined CS community always working behind the scenes to provide community-oriented knowledge services.

Our Name

C 社 << Computerization << 世外信息化社 Our full name is the Computerization club, 世外信息化社; But we would prefer to be called Computerization (in Chinese, C 社), since it's more concise, plus it has the same name as the C Programming Language (*Laugh*) Our English name, though, is always Computerization.

Our opinion on CS

For us, programming is not only a carrier of ideas, but also the logic and philosophy behind the code; It's the algorithms that define computer scientists, not the literal codes. This is our Faith, and also the reason why we call ourselves a CS club rather than a programming club.

Besides, this also leads to our community culture of conveying ideas about program designing.

What does Compuetrization do?

Our main job is to provide services to various clubs, communities and the student union. For example, we wrote the SAM platfrom, which had already undertaken the following tasks:

  • Registration of "WFLA Cup"
  • Scoring and statistical work of new club / five star club / bottom-out defense
  • "2017 Why Charity" online auction
  • Appointment of club activity classroom in 2018
  • The display of WFLA CAS club list
  • ...

What else?

In addition to cooperating with various other clubs to complete projects, we also:

  • Organize program designing sharing sessions
  • Prepare for National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP)
  • Learn discrete mathematics, linear algebra and other tools

In addition, we also carry out a series of courses, such as MATLAB and LaTeX, or Python and R.

Why should you join us?

At Computerization, not only can you Communicate with others to improve yourself; but you will also get a platform for self-expression. For example, you can tell your classmates what you know about computer principles and cybersecurity. You can also post your own articles about technology on Techomedia, share your newly accumulated knowledge in the Math club, or contribute your own ideas to the SAM platform, and help out other clubs, communities and organizations;

Here in Computerization, all difficulties can be overcomed through technology