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What is Enspire?

Enspire is a newly born project, aimed to provide a technical support platform for the school's CAS activities.

Why Enspire?

Stay original 🔥

Computerization is a service club created in the hope of providing convenience to school life (which SAM demonstrated).

And now we discover that students have a bigger demand for management, technical, and advertising during CAS activities, compared with assignment uploads and classroom reservation.

The goal of Enspire is simple: make CAS life easier for every one (in WFLA, at least for now)

Of course, if the clubs can be inspired by Enspire, it would be even greater :P

As a Computerization member, do I have to participate in development?

Not necessarily

If you think Enspire is a valuable project, and you are willing to devote your time and effort, then come!

Enspire is an open-source project of Computerization, but you can choose to not participate, to make very little contribution, or to work 24/7 💥

If you are not familiar with open-source projects, you can refer to this website:

If you want to take part, please read the section carefully. It includes a lot of fundamental but essential information that every contributor needs to know.

What functions will Enspire provide?

As aforementioned, the basic ideas are club administration, technology, and advertising. Proposed functions include:

  • Blog posts and member contacts
  • Search for clubs by labels
  • "I am interested" and "I want to join"
  • FAQ from other clubs for Computerization on technical issues
  • School ranking of clubs?!
  • ... (You are welcome to commit any other ideas 💡)