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C社 << Computerization << 世外信息化社

Our activities

Web 开发

Web development

At Computerization, learn front-end frameworks including Vue and Docusaurus, develop collaboratively on GitHub, and utilize the skills accrued to create your own personal page. Engage in the club's platform building and demonstrate your unique creativity!


Algorithm contests

At Computerization, share your coding experience with other contest masters, and probe deeper into data structures and algorithms. Prepare for NOIP China, and join LeetCode or Luogu contests. Improve yourself through trials and tribulations!


Explore artificial intelligence

At Computeriztaion, learn the cutting-edge technology, discover the secrets behind artificial intelligence and machine learning, design a neural network yourself, and train it to realize any kind of your craziest dreams!

What's new

Our homepage is officially here!

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C 社 2022 届开始招新,欢迎你的加入!