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What do we do?

Regular activities

In 2020, the three departments of Computerization have their own activity schedule.

  • After school on Monday, the AI department in cooperation with Math club organizes AI and mathematical modeling courses;
  • After school on Wednesday, the algorithm Department hosts discussions on NOIP, USACO exercise problems and some analysis of algorithms and data structures;
  • At lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday, the web development team learns about front-end development and back-end frameworks, and contribute to the club's GitHub projects.

Other activities

We also undertake the informatization work of other clubs. For example, we once provided technological support for THE Hack Hackathon hosted by Techomedia, during which we were responsible for the preparation of various websites, such as the contestant registration platform, Questioning platform, Hardware reservation / tracking platform, etc.

Currently, we are in the early stage of development of Enspire. We occasionally get some new demands from the student union or school teachers, after which we will develop intensively.