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MATLAB and mathematical modeling

MATLAB is a part of the the course series on mathematical modeling carried out by Computerization and math club cooperatively.

Why should you learn MATLAB?

Matlab is an advanced language for scientific computing and engineering computing.

When compared with other similar languages, MATLAB has the following advantages:

  • Easier to be learned and used
  • Ample native functions, especially matrix operations
  • Powerful graphics processing enables easy creation of complex graphics
  • Many functions are adaptive: they automatically select the optimal algorithm, avoid errors and improve efficiency

What can you learn

After completing the studing on basics, you can program mathematical models through MATLAB to learn the usage of MATLAB in mathematical modeling.

Course syllabus:

  1. MATLAB: Operator, program logic
  2. Common function fitting
  3. Linear programming
  4. Statistical regression model
  5. Probability model
  6. Discrete model (analytic hierarchy process; AHP)
  7. Basic LaTeX

Supplementary course syllabus

We also offer the following contents for those who are interested:

  1. Neural network, cluster analysis
  2. Differential equation model
  3. Advanced LaTeX